• They are amazing Los Angeles dui attorneys. They are very professional, and constantly diligent about your future. They truly care about helping protect your future. They are experienced, and i'm extremely grateful I found them online.

    Marcus R

  • The H&M Law Firm has great. They have so many convenient locations, and they are amazing to work with. Many dui attorneys in Los Angeles are unreliable. I had a great experience with H&M. They are very attentive to your personal situations, and understand how difficult the DUI is on your life personally speaking. I was working with Nima and Luis - who were both equally great. I highly recommend picking this law firm - having a former DUI prosecutor is a great asset! You know exactly what to suspect, and there are no surprises. The firm was able to get my charges significantly reduced and dropped. I would recommend them to ANYONE for ANYTHING.

    Amanda H.

  • No one ever thinks about getting arrested. Ask any normal person, getting arrested for DUI charges is going to be the worst day of your life. I am not a heavy drinker. I rarely drink - and I would never consider drinking and driving. At the time of the incident, I was a straight A student - and had a great job. If you make a mistake, and need a Los Angeles dui attorney - then you need Nima and the H&M Law Firm. I did my research online, and found them. They have amazing reviews online, and after my experience with them - I can definitely confirm they are accurate. The firm is ranked REALLY high, and it's because they are 100% customer service oriented. They are always available. I feel like sometimes they were both my lawyer and psychologist - helping me remain in control when I thought I would get kicked out of school! I was never put on hold, when calling these dui lawyers Los Angeles, and they answered all my questions - with discretion. I don't know if I can ever thank them enough for "getting me out," of the terrible mistake I made!

    Brenda J.

  • No one should have to go through the experience of being arrested, after a DUI. It's a terrible mistake, and the cops make you feel even more terrible. Getting arrested, and then put in the back of a cop car, and put in jail next to murderers and other terrible people is a horrible feeling! It traumatizes you, and I cannot thank H&M enough for getting me out of jail. I owe it all to H&M law firm for getting me through it. I owe it to H&M for getting me through this issue. I was worried that this was going to affect my career, and make it so I lost my job. I was worried my life would never be the same again. From the moment I hired H&M, they helped me. They were always available to answer my questions. I never even went to court - they handled every single thing. I thought for sure - that I would have to go to jail. They constantly updated me, and had a ton of experience. I've heard of so many terror stories online of DUI attorneys in Los Angeles who ignore your calls - but I was never placed on hold, and they were always available to explain what was going on. Awesome attorneys, and awesome human beings!

    Denise T.

  • For the first time, I enjoyed a consultation with my an attorney. I dread thinking about attorneys - and I dreaded going into my DUI consultation. I didn't want to go to jail - I was SO scared. Angelo was very straight, and told me many of their members are former DUI Prosecutors - meaning the DUI firm was extremely competent to handle the case. I felt they are very professional, and they answered all my questions. They were prompt about answering my calls - and never put me on hold. Moreover, Nima - the founding partner, was always available to answer any questions I had.

    Michael H.

  • This is a Los Angeles DUI law firm that consists of the top DUI lawyers - all under one roof. I am extremely grateful for this rockstar team of attorneys. Nima, the founding partner - is the best attorney I have met. He is an awesome human being - and is an awesome attorney. He got my case turned into a wet reckless. This is AFTER I blew a .14. My judge told me in front of everyone - that I was VERY lucky that my attorney got me this deal. This showed me that this law firm was extremely talented. I knew Nima was smart from our first conversation, but when the judge said this - I felt SO happy and proud of myself, and my attorney!

  • It's rare for me to say - I am satisfied with an attorney. I don;t like attorneys, but I was VERY satisfied with the quality and professionalism from the H&M Law Firm. I am extremely happy with the quality of communications. I could call, email, or text, the firm at any time. They always responded to me within 24 hours. Typically, their founding partner: Nima, would reach out to me. He never sounded annoyed. He was always diligent on being clear - and making sure I was fine. He helped me out of a very tough legal situation - which could've ended in a lot of jail time. I was able to avoid jail time, and get away with a slap on the wrist. If you want the best attorney, then you need to consider hiring H&M. No one else is good enough!

    Elizabeth Y.

  • After I had my initial consultation, I got a great education about DUI's. I was able to understand what to expect. I gained so much useful information from this consultation that I signed up with them. I appreciated their desire to educate me, so I could understand what might happen. It's amazing how great they were. They got me a great outcome - which I will never forget. I always refer my friends and family to them.

    Annette F.

  • The DUI lawyers Los Angeles at H&M are extremely professional, competent, and amazing. Nima, and his paralegal, Luis, deliver GREAT results. They care about one thing: giving great results - and protecting your life. They are very articulate, and very informative. They got me a great outcome - and I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of the #1 firm. This is who you should call first.

    Court K.

  • I just had a consultation with Angelo recently. He provided a great consultation, and shared his experience with me on similar clients. I am very glad I decided to go with Angelo, because he got me a great outcome. I had a great experience, and I would hire him again, and again - if I ever have this situation. Getting arrested for DUI is a terrorizing experience, I had nightmares for a long time. Angelo made them go away, by handling this for me. I didn't even have to go court. As someone who was fearful for his future, Angelo has saved it!

    Mario R.

  • I had a DUI consultation with Angelo, and I learned a lot of information I didn't know before. I was able to learn a lot of information. The other DUI attorneys I spoke to did nothing to inform me about what was going on. They ignored my requests for information, and assumed I should just trust them. This is the first time I was in a DUI situation, and Angelo educated me a lot. When you need a high qualified los angeles dui lawyer, you should speak to Angel, and the H&M law firm

    Kevin R.

  • When I was accused of a DUI, I had no idea what that meant legally. I didn't know if that meant i'd go to jail automatically, or what would occur. I learned a lot from these attorneys. They taught me about all the laws, and the DUI process - and I was able to understand what I was being accused. The DUI lawyers at H&M provide you the best possible defense, that money can buy. They care about educating you, and i'm so glad I listened to them and decided to move forward. Nima, the founding partner, was always available to explain me understand my options - he asked me about my personal obligations, and tried to give me solutions that would work for me, and not ruin my life!

    Hanz S.

  • Angelo, the attorney I worked with, was very professional. Angelo helped me understand everything. In his initial consultation, he explained to me about what a DUI means, and what legal penalties I could face. He also mentioned, that many of their attorneys were former DUI prosecutors - and explained how their defense was going to help me avoid jail time. Also, they explained all of my questions, and I am very happy to tell you I went with them - and got a significantly reduced punishment.

    Damian S.

  • I never thought that having a DUI consultation could be so informative! Angelo is an extremely attentive DUI lawyer, who told me everything I needed to know about DUI. For a college student accused of his first DUI - it's a no brainer to work with former DUI prosecutors - like Nima Haddadi. I have a bright future now, thanks to Nima and his team.

    Lany T.

  • I can't say enough good things about the H&M law firm. Chris and Nima both worked on my case, and did a fantastic job at helping me. This is the second firm I hired for my case. I first hired a different law firm from Yelp. They charged me $2000. I thought I was getting a great deal! It was the lowest quote, and the attorney acted like he'd get my case dismissed. Half way through the case, the attorney tried to plead guilty at the second hearing. I went back to Yelp and hired the H&M law firm. THANKFULLY - my charges were reduced. Everything worked out I couldn't ask for more from the law firm. My charges were significantly reduced, and everything worked out for me. I cannot express, in words, how much they helped change my life. I recommend them highly - and wish them nothing but the highest possible success!

    Crystal R.

  • Getting accused of DUI can change your life. You also learn a lot when it happens. Being put in the back of a police car is humiliating! I also learned, youj should never talk back to the LAPD - and you should get the best possible attorney, because there is no price for your future! I was fortunate enough to hire Nima, who is a partner at the H&M law firm. The attorneys at this firm are extremely smart, they are attentive to detail, and very realistic on what you can expect. I only appeared 2,3 times. They schedule these appearances to be perfect for my schedule. It's worth paying a little bit extra, for a good attorney - because ALL the people in my court, knew Nima and his attorneys. They weren't really arguing with the attorneys. They made a deal, and figured it out. I really liked the fact they "knew everyone," so it felt like you were kind of cheating! I ended up getting a wet reckless, which drastically improved my life. I could've gone to jail, but H&M changed my life. Not only did they help me reduce the DUI to a wet reckless, the firm put me in AA - which has changed my life, and is a blessing! Thank you for saving my life, and my family!

    Annie O.

  • The story is this - I was at my after prom, and me and my friends had a DD. We didn't think we should drink, since she's a very responsible person. But, since it was prom - she drank 3-4 beers. Around 11pm, we were all tired, and got the driver to get her car. We waited until the car came around, and raced into car. We left the place, and stopped at a red light. A cop car from nowhere, and pulled us over. It looks like the driver had forgotten to turn on her headlights. The cop came to the car, and picked up the scent of alcohol. I didn't think we'd have a problem, because we didn't know the driver drank. The officer performed a field test. Long story short, she failed, and the cop also made us perform the blow test. WE ALL failed, so the cop gave us all a DUI and public intoxication. We were ALL petrified, and I didn't want to tell my mom. I had to call her though, because I needed to be bailed out. She gave me a long talk. She made me find an attorney, and wanted to reach me a lesson. I called H&M after finding them on Yelp. I am very happy I found them. They assured me they'd help me get my life back together. I had nightmares because of my DUI. I'm not kidding! They told me the whole process, and answered any questions my parents had. I am very happy, and satisfied. This review should help others understand the bad position I was in - and the fact there is a way out!

    Sharon M.

  • The H&M attorneys are very aggressive. When dealing with a DUI accusation, you need an aggressive lawyer on your side. My case was VERY quickly handled. They never hesitated to help me. When you are accused of a DUI, you need someone who understands how to handle these cases quickly. Nima, is a former DUI prosecutor, so he had the "inside scoop," on how the cases are handled. He knew the DA, and the plea was accepted quickly. This is definitely the best firm to work with.

    Cristin B.

  • I am a person of few words. I very rarely write reviews about different companies. When I called the H&M law firm, I was connected to an attorney right away. I was very surprised by the kindness, and expertise, in the voice of the attorney I spoke to. I could tell the attorney was VERY dedicated to her job. I didn't feel like I was being rushed through a conveyor belt, when speaking to the firm. They didn't trust to hustle me for money. After I hired the firm, they constantly updated me, and reassured me about all the things going on with the case. They made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. I can say I was very impressed by their level of service, and I was speechless at how much they actually cared about protecting my life and my future. They are very polite, and they don't make you feel unimportant. My case wasn't out of the ordinary! But I was able to get a GREAT deal from the court. My attorney knew the District Attorney, and after a lot of negotiation, did a great service for me! I was speeding, and blew a .12. I was less worried about it, after these GREAT attorneys got me amazing results.

    Lizz B.

  • I'm right now very excited to write this review for a group of extraordinary Los Angeles dui attorneys. I don't know what to say, or what to do. I was referred to the firm from a friend. The friend assured me this firm truly cares about their client. I am proud to say my friend was right. I called the law firm, and they offered me a free consultation. I signed up with them immediately. I can't even begin to say, what a huge relief it is - to find a firm that truly cares about you. I never had to go through the stress of being presented in front of the judge. I went to all my court hearings, and just watched the attorney work and handle the case. I was having mini-heart attacks, worried about what the judge would say. The judge acted like him and my attorney were "good friends," and was very kind! Nima is a very professional dui attorney in Los Angeles, and seems to have an awesome relationship with all the people at court. I was able to get a wet reckless, and had to take 3 month alcohol classes, in addition to a $1,100 fine + probation. This is a VERY good deal - since I was able to avoid jail. I asked other people what typical offers were like, with the same BAC as mine. Several said they went to jail. Many were surprised my DUI lawyer Los angeles was able to get me such a good deal!

    Lynette M.

  • There exist a few people in the world who deserve recognition. Nima Haddadi, is such an attorney. This is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's modest, humble, respectful, yet to the point. His case results are amazing - and he's very practical. He understands you're in trouble - he never speeches you. He helps you. He never told me my case would be dismissed ever. He stated that he is most qualified to help me, because he's a former prosecutor in the LA DUI Trial Unit - and so he knows how to best defend me. I could not...

    -Pamela R..on Yelp

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